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Since the first launch of the group Abdul Mohsen Al-Ajlan We seek the development and continuous renewal as well as thoughtful expansion to build a documented service larger customers has been our starting more than two decades in the establishment of the consulting engineering firm for the establishment of urban and good design of green areas under the supervision of a group of engineers and consultants, in pursuit of development and the continued expansion we have created ways Amar Contracting company is classified company in the list of the largest construction companies to provide this counseling service architectural as well as a comprehensive operational where the roads Amar company is the main supporter and supplementing the company Seville Consulting Engineers and our attention and our preoccupation preoccupation good architectural style we incursion makes it easier and serve the modern home of supplies and we have created crown Center Inc. and complex business and is now the largest gathering of brands household wares also not forget the aesthetic and elegant side of women in the modern house and outside, and we have created a company that specializes in perfumes and cosmetics with high quality trade women and characterized these lotions attractively elegant and later we've created and included schools company Encyclopedia of Science for our group to make science more interesting and civilized using the latest technological teaching aids under the supervision of some of the best trainers and the doctors at the highest level of experience and job mastery.

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We make concert and social activity from time to time and we will be happy if join us in our activities and invites you friend to build up our community with you and other brothers